John the Locksmith helped an old lady out on Wednesday she had lost her keys while taking her dog for a walk. John the Locksmith arrived with in 15 minutes and gained access with in seconds by picking her lock. Due to the old lady losing her keys we thought it was best for us to change her locks for peace of mind. We fitted Anti snap locks at a really good price.

Lock snapping requires no skill and is probably the fastest way for a burglar to break in your house, all burglaries attended by John the Locksmith the burglar has gained access by lock snapping. lock snapping is when a burglar uses force to break your euro cylinder. On some occasions Burglars use Mole grips or a hammer and a screwdriver. Its a destructive way to open a euro cylinder with very little skill. Call John the Locksmith for the best prices around on 07946273983.

John the Locksmith has had a very busy week, including lock outs and numerous mechanism replacements. Here at John the Locksmith we upgraded 3 properties with Anti snap locks and British standard mortise locks, all at an affordable rate, call John the Locksmith for the best prices around.

Young family Locked out in Bromborough on thursday, due to the door closing behind them, and the keys being in the lock on the inside of the door. John the Locksmith Ellesmere port used the letterbox tool to gain access in seconds.

Mr Phillips was locked out of his house on wednesday, he called John The Locksmith Ellesmere port who arrived with in 20 minutes. The reason for Mr Phillips being locked out was due to a broken upvc door mechanism, after opening the door for Mr phillips, John The Locksmith Ellesmere port then replaced the broken mechanism, with a brand new mechanism leaving the door like new.

A customer called John The Locksmith on friday unable two get into his buisness, his lock had stopped working, and the customer was locked out. After about 5 minutes John The Locksmith had gained entry to the buisness, And fitted a new lock.

John The Locksmith can repair locks as well, This picture is the inside of a Nightlatch.

A customer of John the Locksmith needed a Coded Gate Lock for their horse field, so other horse riders could come and go as they please. Fitting a Coded Gate Lock gives great security with the added benefit of easy access to all the people who have the code.

John the Locksmith only supplies genuine parts and all parts come with a 12 month guarantee. Today John the Locksmith replaced a faulty Mechanism on a upvc door, after the customer complained of not being able to close the door properly.

Mr and Mrs Jones were locked out on Thursday, Mr Jones called John the Locksmith asking for assistance because he was unable to get in to his property. On arriving the customers were sitting in their car waiting for John the Locksmith to help. Once John the Locksmith assessed the situation and diagnosed the problem with the lock, which was infact when the customer closed their door, and it had dead locked itself from the inside. John the Locksmith gained entry with a camera letterbox tool.